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Your Destination Wedding: Planning Advice and Considerations from Seasoned Destination Wedding Photographer Louise Golding

One of the (many, many in my opinion) benefits of being a destination wedding photographer based in Portugal and travelling worldwide for incredible weddings of every shape and size is the treasure trove of golden insider tips and expert advice I have gathered along the way.Because thanks to this unique perspective, not only do my couples planning the wedding of their dreams get an authentic and intentional wedding photography experience on the day – but they also get exclusive access to this goldmine of knowledge.


As a seasoned destination wedding photographer with an obsession with capturing love stories against stunning backdrops, I've had the privilege of witnessing countless couples turn their dream wedding fantasies into breathtaking realities.


Whether you’ve just said yes and are about to jump head first into planning your wedding, or if you’re in the depths of finishing touches with overseas suppliers - I'm thrilled to share my wealth of knowledge with you, guiding you through every step of the destination wedding planning process. Here are some of my favourite tips for anybody who’s chosen to celebrate their love away from home:


The location for your wedding may have been an instant, no-other-choice decision. The place that you always knew you would return to when the time came to make your love official. Or maybe you’ve simply always envisioned exchanging vows on a sun-kissed beach, against the backdrop of a mountain range or at a famous city landmark. With a literal world of possibilities at your fingertips, it's essential to consider factors such as climate, accessibility, and overall vibe when selecting your dream destination. And equally, choosing a location that resonates with your identity and your love story so far, is so important.


Dream locations shortlisted, now it’s time to consider travel logistics in what could be the deciding factor in where your wedding is held. A long journey doesn’t always mean a trepidatious one – my most favourite wedding yet took me over land and sea and everywhere in between – and in my experience, as long as your loved ones are presented with a carefully thought out plan of action, they’ll do whatever they can to get there be a part of your special day. From securing accommodations for you and your guests to coordinating transportation arrangements and obtaining necessary permits or documentation, make sure you’ve mapped out the routes and considered the possible obstacles. Enlisting the expertise of a seasoned travel agent or destination wedding planner to streamline the process and alleviate any potential stressors along the way is invaluable.


Beyond the initial practicalities of logistics lies the absolute magic of a destination wedding experience – fully immersing yourselves and your guests in the authentic magic of your chosen locale. From incorporating local cuisine and cultural traditions into your celebrations to curating unforgettable excursions and experiences for your guests to enjoy, do it all. Seize the opportunity to infuse your wedding celebration with the very heart of your destination, embrace the spirit of adventure and exploration, and make it the ultimate backdrop for your love story.

As a wedding photographer, the experiences that stay with me long after the wedding day are the ones that feel effortlessly planned yet deeply considered. Not wanting to take away from the inherent spontaneity and joy that comes with planning a destination wedding, giving yourself the time to research suppliers and ensuring these foundational elements of planning are covered means that you can create a day that seems to unfold by itself.

And in doing so, you cultivate a relaxed and joy-filled atmosphere that is perfection to photograph, resulting in a final wedding gallery brimming with editorial goodness - authentic and intentional, with a curated edge.

Looking for more destination wedding inspiration? View my work or get in touch to talk though your wedding plans.


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